Claudia Read testimonial

Melanie Ajanwachuku is one of the most knowledgeable, caring and dedicated individuals I know… working with people’s health and personal growth. Thank you Melanie for your contribution to the lives of others.”

Holly Read testimonial

For several years I had been feeling more tired then usual, could not lose any weight and felt bloated all the time. I have been on thyroid medication for 30 years, I have Hypothyroidism, an under active thyroid and recently diagnosed with an auto immune called Hashimoto Disease. I was referred to Melanie Ajanwachuku by my endocrinologist. 

From the very beginning Melanie was confident that with her guidance and support I would lose weight, feel more energetic and overall healthier. My first appointment with her was lengthy. We talked about my goals and issues and my personal life. She wanted to know everything about me. I didn’t understand why and I asked her. Melanie said its just as important to take care of our mind as well as our body. She explained the importance of quality supplements, keeping a positive attitude and how food can affect the way I feel. She put me on a meal plan and gave me a list of dos and don’ts. She supplied literature about my condition. She helped educate me.

We met once a month for weigh ins. Talked about any challenges I faced and ones I overcame. I couldn’t believe it I was dropping the weight. After 2 years of being frustrated and worn down. I felt my life coming back. My energy level picked up and I wasn’t fatigued.

I would leave our sessions feeling so positive and hopeful. We talked about everything in my life. Not only did Melanie help with my weight lose but my mental state as well, She is my therapist. She treats the mind and body. When all others told me menopause, age and my physical limitations were the reason I felt so badly, Melanie knew otherwise. Her knowledge and caring ways helped me to improve my quality of life. I am 30 pounds down and I am very active. She is a blessing and has become a very dear friend.

Maria Read testimonial

My name is Maria Okpara and Mrs. Melanie Ajanwachuku was my nutrition coach several years ago. It was a frightening thought to see a nutritionist since I had tried many diets and programs and failed. When I went in to meet Melanie, she was very personable and the staff at her office were very friendly and professional. She reassured me that I would see lasting results, which I did.  The management of my weight and health began with reviewing my lab results. She was very thorough, calm and very in tune with my worries. 

Melanie took me through the steps of nutrition by reviewing foods I enjoyed eating. She grouped those foods into groups and showed me how to portion them without totally giving them up. She was aware that it would be a struggle so she worked me through baby steps. Initially, it was tough but her regular support made it seamless. I was given a binder with regular instructions and feedback. The binder is still my health bible to this day. 

It has been over 7 years since I went in to see her and the lessons she taught me have been invaluable. She has helped me immensely to regain my confidence and to enjoy my life. I do not have enough words to express what the Dietitian Exchange under the leadership of Melanie Ajanwachuku has done for my transformation. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for sustainable, healthy, weight, and lifestyle change. She walks and talks what she is teaching and I am truly grateful to have met her. I absolutely adore her professionalism. 

Regina Read testimonial

Consummate professional organization. Depth & scope of knowledge, customer service and consistency of service is outstanding.

Rick Read testimonial

Melanie is a wonderful person and can help anyone with health and nutritional guidance. We are lucky to have her in our community.